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Damn Daniel/Dani Daniel is a trilingual English/Portuguese/Spanish artist. His love for music started at a young age, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to make music his career. His whole life he has been an athlete and free-styled for fun. His first love of soccer has been a successful career and meaningful journey for himself and his community. Daniel’s passion for music took a drastic turn during Covid when he started live streaming. That’s when Daniel’s confidence within the rap industry grew to new heights with free-styling for his large audience members and cultivating his very own online featured freestyle battle competition within the platform. The exposure from live streaming gained him thousands of fans and kickstarted his music platforms.

Daniel blends his native tongue Portuguese, Spanish, and English into his Rap, Hip-Hop, and Reggae beats to create his own unique sound. He made his first debut as a feature with D3 Tha RocStar and 2 Beez on “Fiesta” in June 2021. The three met in an unorthodox way in a parking lot within the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Shortly after, D3 Tha RocStar and 2 Beez featured on Daniel’s first single “Presidente” released in August 2021. 

After filming his very first music video with D3 The RocStar and 2 Beez, the videographer from “Presidente” Louie Roca introduced him to his next collaborating artist JTruthPA. The two met on Fremont Street there in Las Vegas and put together “Mamacita” within two days including the music video! The two have several songs to release within the upcoming year but are both taking their time in releasing each track being new artists within the industry.

Daniel’s next track released “La Diabla” would be the first track that he collaborated with the winner of his featured freestyle battle competition. The winner of that season is a new artist Chaos The Great. The two met in Las Vegas to record the track and shoot the music video within the weekend and officially released “La Diabla” in February 2022.

After releasing “Mamacita,” JTruthPA was inspired for the creation of “Otra Vez.” JTruthPA reached out to Daniel to collaborate and they released in March 2022 and is still climbing streaming platforms. 

As part of the soccer community, Daniel was approached by Daniel Collazo and Julio Roa, to make this years theme song to one of the largest soccer events in the United States, Copa Mariachi. His latest release “Copa Mariachi” reflects just that, the theme song he is proud to seal and preform on June 5th, 2022 in Bridgeview, Illinois.

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